Brushing Your Teeth to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Brushing Your Teeth to Keep Your Heart HealthyResearchers recently found that while an apple may keep the doctor away, it may be twice daily tooth brushing that helps keep heart disease at bay. Their study, which was reported in the British Medical Journal in 2010, revealed that study participants who brushed more frequently also tended to show reduced levels of C-reactive protein and fibrinogen. These are inflammatory markers associated with a higher risk of heart disease.

Only 62 percent of the Scottish Health Survey study participants regularly sought dental care on the recommended twice yearly schedule. Less than three-fourths of them brushed twice a day. The group that was brushing less frequently was found to have an astonishing 70 percent higher risk of heart disease, even after accounting for other risk factors. This increased risk was believed to be due to the burden of systemic inflammation caused by gum disease.

Brushing your teeth regularly may help keep your heart healthy, while regular visits to our Los Angeles dentist will provide you with important information about the state of your oral and overall health. Our dentist will check for signs of gum disease and formulate a treatment plan for you if necessary.

You may not be able to prevent a heart attack if you are already at higher risk due to risk factors like smoking, family or personal history of heart disease, or obesity. However, our Los Angeles cosmetic dentist can help you learn ways to improve your oral hygiene and health, potentially reducing your levels of inflammatory markers and associated risks of cardiovascular disease linked to gum disease.       

Our dentist offers several treatments for treating common dental problems. In case your gum disease is so advanced that it has caused tooth loss, dentures are one way to replace them. A more stable way for replacing missing teeth in dental implants. Dental implants along with bridges can also be used for replacing missing teeth. However, tooth loss prevention is the best way to ensure your oral health and twice a year regular checkups goes a long way in keeping your teeth healthy.

Source: Dentist in Los Angeles

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