Dental Exam, X-ray and Cleaning

Dental Exam, X-ray and CleaningYour teeth are yours for life, if you keep them healthy. Unlike other parts of our body, our teeth are relatively easy to keep in good condition, and routine dental care allows us to have healthy teeth for many years. You must, however, make it a habit to follow good oral hygiene practices if you want your teeth to last, and this includes a dental exam every six months, a dental x-ray at least once a year, and dental cleaning, as well as routine home care. Our Los Angeles dentist can help you keep your teeth in their very best shape when you visit regularly.

Dental Exam and X-ray

A dental exam begins with a visual examination of your teeth to check for obvious problems. Red, bleeding gums, dark areas on your teeth, and bad breath can all be signs of incipient dental issues.

The visual dental exam is followed by a more thorough exam, in which our dentist may probe your teeth, looking for trouble spots on or between teeth. Some problems are easily identified with a visual inspection; others require more careful examination.

Our dentist will often request a dental x-ray to confirm cavities or other issues in your mouth. The x-ray will quickly identify problems which are not visible to the naked eye.

A dental x-ray is performed with a very low dose of radiation which is generally not harmful to a healthy person. However, if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, you should inform our dentist immediately. You should also tell our dentist if you are taking any medications.

The dental x-ray will show our dentist exactly where any cavities or other problem areas are located. This allows your dentist to pinpoint spots which may need fillings or treatment.

Your dental exam will conclude with a final check of your teeth before and after your cleaning. Our dentist will explain any problems to you and suggest ways to handle these issues.

Dental Cleaning

After your exam, your dental cleaning begins. The cleaning is a professional way to be sure that your teeth receive the deep attention they need between your own brushing and flossing routine.

Your cleaning starts with a scraping, with a special instrument, of any areas of plaque or tartar buildup. This is often the most unpleasant part of the cleaning, and the amount of scraping which must be performed can be greatly reduced by your own careful at-home dental hygiene.

After plaque and tartar has been removed, the dental cleaning moves on to a polishing of your teeth with a special lightly abrasive paste. This shines your teeth and gets them white and beautiful, as well as removing any remaining plaque.

Finally, a quick floss will finish your dental cleaning, leaving your teeth bright, healthy, and feeling great.

Our Los Angeles cosmetic dentist is ready to discuss your oral hygiene routine with you and ensure that you are taking the best care possible of one of your most valuable assets—your teeth!

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