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Los Angeles General DentistStrong, healthy teeth and gums are possible if you take proper care of your oral hygiene. That care includes regular visits to our highly qualified Los Angeles general dentist. Routine visits to the dentist help keep teeth and gums in healthy condition, as the mouth is being monitored on a regular basis. Should a problem arise, our Los Angeles general dentists will be able to catch it in the beginning stages and treat it before any lasting damage has occurred. That is why regular dental visits play such an important role in maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

But if your dental problems persist, our Los Angeles general dentist has a vast variety of procedures available to treat the situation and restore your good oral health. Decay within a tooth can be treated and filled with material that will be the same color as the tooth itself. This is cosmetically attractive as there will be no silver to show in the mouth.  Damage to a tooth can also cause injury to the nerve. Should that happen, our Los Angeles general dentist can perform root canal therapy on the nerve and then protect the damaged tooth with a porcelain crown.

Our Los Angeles general dentist can meet all of your requirements for perfect dental health.

If a tooth suffers extensive injury to the point where it cannot be saved, a dental implant is used to replace the missing tooth root. Dental implants are very strong and will function in the same way as natural tooth roots. Even several missing teeth can be replaced by using a partial bridge, a dental appliance that will use surrounding teeth as anchors and will fill in the spots left by missing teeth. Our Los Angeles general dentist can expertly fit your mouth with the proper dental implants to restore functionality to the mouth and also improve your smile.

General Dentist Los Angele, CA

Cosmetic procedures are also readily available that will greatly help enhance the appearance of your smile. Our general dentist is also an specialist in cosmetic dentistry. He can use tooth whitening treatments to remove stubborn stains and brighten teeth that are dull. He can also fit you with porcelain veneers to hide imperfections of the teeth, such as irregular spacing, permanent discolorations, and teeth uneven in size or shape.

Let our Los Angeles general dentist expertly handle any dental care need you and your family members might have with the newest technology used in dentistry.  To make an appointment with a general dentist to maintain the health of your teeth and gums, call our office.

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