Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal TreatmentWhen a tooth is severely damaged or decayed, our Los Angeles dentist may suggest one of two options: extraction or root canal treatment. Saving the tooth is the ideal choice, since it preserves functionality. An extraction will require more extensive and expensive restoration, such as a bridge or implant.

Each tooth contains a root canal with a pulp chamber, blood vessels, and other tissues that nourish the tooth. The pulp chamber also houses a nerve that provides hot and cold sensations to the tooth. A break or severe decay in the tooth can allow bacteria to reproduce within the pulp area of the tooth. This can lead to infection and abscess, an intensely painful condition that may spread past the roots and into the jawbone itself.

Because an abscessed tooth can deteriorate rapidly and have severe consequences, such as neck and facial swelling, bone loss, and draining into the cheek or gums, a root canal treatment is often essential to save the tooth and restore good oral health.

Although root canal treatments have received a bad reputation throughout the years, they are rarely more painful than a standard filling. If you feel uncomfortable or anxious about the procedure, you may talk to our dentist about your options in sedation dentistry, which can help you feel more relaxed and comfortable throughout the treatment.

During a root canal treatment, our dentist will remove the infected tissue and bacteria and clean out the canal area of your tooth. It may be irrigated to thoroughly remove any remaining debris, and then it will be sealed to prevent recontamination. To complete the restoration, you may have a crown placed to protect and strengthen the tooth.

You can reduce your need for a root canal treatment by maintaining good oral hygiene habits and protecting your mouth from sports-related injury by using a mouth guard when playing.

If you have throbbing pain, extreme sensitivity to temperature changes, swelling of the gums or soft tissues around the tooth, or darkening of your tooth, contact our Los Angeles cosmetic dentist today for further evaluation. If you have anxiety, ask about your options for sedation dentistry.

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