What Your Dental Health Indicates about Your Overall Health

What Your Dental Health Indicated about Your Overall HealthHealth professionals have recently begun looking towards the condition of the gums and teeth in order to understand one’s overall health and well-being. Many even refer to the mouth as the window into one’s overall health. One of the most important components of an individual's well-being in which the mouth is directly tied is the heart and blood. Our dentist in Los Angeles believes that everyone should understand some of the risks of gum disease and how regular checkups may be the answer to catching serious oral health conditions in their earliest stages.

Studies continued to be conducted in which specialists are examining the link between the health of one’s gums and teeth, and their heart conditions. While these studies are not yet conclusively, some striking connections have been made.

The first thing to recognize is that most of the more serious health conditions are diagnosed in patients with damage to their gums and teeth. Most commonly, this is gum disease. Gum disease is the result of a buildup of plaque and tartar in the mouth that eventually forms pockets of bacteria under the gums. Those that are diagnosed with these conditions are at a much higher risk of coronary heart disease, strokes, and even diabetes.

No matter a patient’s age, the key to preventing these types of deadly conditions is a regular dental exam. During these exams, our dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth for any abnormalities as well as clean away any buildup of plaque and tartar. Contact us today to see what our friendly staff and experienced dentist can do for you.

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