Best Flossing Technique

Best Flossing TechniqueFlossing, brushing, and the use of mouthwash are paramount to everyone’s oral health and overall well-being.  While it may seem simple enough to brush teeth or gargle with mouthwash, many patients have given up on flossing due to a misunderstanding on how it should be done.  This is why our Los Angeles dentist believes that it is time for everyone to be refreshed on proper flossing techniques and some of its amazing benefits.

Flossing is the only way to remove tartar and plaque buildup from in between the teeth.  If these are left on the teeth too long, they will begin to create bacteria that will attack the gums and teeth themselves.  This is why flossing should be done at least once every single day.

Floss should be made of either plastic or nylon.  Patients should choose a thickness and style that is comfortable to get in between their teeth but not painful.  For each use, nearly 18 inches of floss should be taken from the dispenser and wrapped around two fingers until there is nearly two inches of the floss left exposed.  Individuals should then get in between every set of teeth, pulling along either side at least once.  Care should be taken to not splice, or cut into the gums.  It is often a good idea to use mouthwash immediately after flossing to remove any bacteria, plaque, or tartar that has come loose.

It is also important to schedule a regular dental exam with our dentist to keep teeth bright, straight, and healthy for an entire lifetime.

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