Braces and Invisalign

Braces and InvisalignTypes of Orthodontic Appliances Available:
Traditional Braces
Clear Aligners ("Invisalign")
Porcelain Braces

Traditional Braces:
Traditional braces have evolved so much in the past 20 years. They have become less bulky to improve patient comfort, have improved in their bonding strength so they don't pop off the teeth as often, and work with lighter forces so that patients aren't as sore as before. With the use of the new types of brackets, the word "tightening" becomes almost obsolete when returning to the orthodontist's office for monitoring throughout treatment.

At Los Angeles dental office we offer two types of traditional orthodontic appliances: self ligating bracket and the mini twin bracket. The self ligating bracket is manufactured with a door that can be opened and closed by the orthodontist so that the wire can be placed and removed whenever necessary. The mini twin bracket doesn't have a door, but lets your creative side express itself. The wire gets tied into the bracket with the use of colored rubber bands. Children often prefer the mini twin bracket because they love choosing colors which match their outfits or show loyalty to their favorite team. If you have trouble picking a color, we can even get one that blends in with the braces so that no one other than you sees it.

So who is a good candidate for traditional braces? Basically anyone who wants their teeth straightened. Traditional appliances have a long history and proven track record and can be used to correct any malocclusion, ranging from severe crowding, "underbites", "overbites" , to even open bites.

Clear Aligners ("Invisalign")
With more and more people opting to improve their smile, many are looking for a clear, or even "invisible", way to get that perfect straight smile. However, many have found the traditional method of treatment to be a hindrance to their lifestyle. Since the advent of Invisalign ®, many have been able to achieve just what they have been searching for. Clear Aligners are a custom made treatment, fabricated to straighten a person's smile through progressive correction with a series of clear aligners. A patient then wears those aligners and is monitored systematically as they achieve that smile they have always been dreaming of.

Here at Los Angeles dental office, we are proud providers of the Invisalign system ®. Our doctors have been providing Invisalign treatment for many years and extensive experience in providing sound treatment with the Invisalign system ®. Invisalign is quite advanced, using the latest technology to provide patients with the highest quality treatment. The system allows patients to see what their treatment is predicted to achieve, so patients are often fully aware of the outcome before even putting on the first aligner.

So who is a good candidate for clear aligners or the Invisalign system? Clear aligners are a fantastic way to straighten teeth and enhance one's physical appearance without having to bear the appearance of traditional braces. Anyone with minor crowding, minor spacing, or small rotations that need correction is the perfect candidate for clear aligners. However, the clear aligners haven't yet perfected the fine art of correcting a person's malocclusion, so we still recommend traditional braces for people whose maloclussions include severe crowding, severe spacing, "underbites", "overbites" ,and open bites.

There are many ways to fabricate clear aligners, and because of the many ways to fabricate clear aligners, many different companies offer the service. One of the companies that offers the product is Invisalign, a company based out of Palo Alto, California. It works closely with the doctor to custom fabricate treatment through a progression of different aligners. Invisalign works by taking a specific type of impression, which is then converted into a computer model. The computer model is then used to virtually plan the coarse of treatment for the patient. This virtual plan is seen and approved by the doctor, and the trays are then fabricated.

Why Invisalign? Invisalign has been around for many years, and has closely worked with many universities in various research projects to improve the product to where it is today. It uses trademarked cutting edge advances to help facilitate movement that would otherwise be unlikely using the clear aligner system, Invisalign has revolutionized the way in which clear aligners have been used, and as such, the Los Angeles Dental office works exclusively with the Invisalign system when patients chose to straighten their teeth using the clear aligner technique.

Porcelain Braces:
Do you want the best of both worlds? Are you someone who needs the versatility of an appliance like the traditional orthodontic brackets, yet craves for the inconspicuous appearance of the clear aligners? If so, then porcelain brackets may give you exactly what you have been looking for. Porcelain brackets, as the name applies, are brackets just like the mini twin brackets described earlier. The only difference is, the porcelain brackets are made out of feldspar porcelain. A block of porcelain is taken, and then milled into the shape of a traditional bracket. The porcelain used is white, and closely matches the natural color of teeth, therefore making it virtually indistinguishable from a casual speaking distance. With esthetic demands rising, more and more patients are choosing the porcelain option.

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