Dental Bonding

Dental BondingOur Los Angeles dentist is ready to talk to you about a simple procedure which can correct chips, discolorations, misaligned teeth, crooked teeth, and a host of other dental problems. Best of all, this procedure is less time-consuming than most cosmetic work, often requiring only one office visit. While veneers are a more permanent solution to your cosmetic dental issues, dental bonding is fast becoming another procedure which people turn to when they have cosmetic dental issues.

Dental bonding is a process in which the dentist gently etches the damaged or discolored tooth, applies a bonding gel, then “paints” the bonding agent onto the tooth. The agent, which is a form of resin, soon dries, and hardens, giving a finished product that looks and feels like real teeth. However, this resin-based tooth is more uniform and more beautiful than even your natural teeth can be! Bonded teeth are fairly strong, but can be damaged by injury or by excessive wear, so it is important to be careful of your new, bonded teeth.

Dental bonding is not as strong as your tooth enamel, of course. It is important to be careful when eating, drinking, or chewing, to ensure that you do not damage your bonding work.
Bonding can also stain easily with certain substances, so talk to our dentist about foods and drinks to avoid. Certain foods you might want to limit or avoid altogether are coffee and tea, both of which have strong staining properties; berries and fruit juices, which have high acidic content; and any food which can build up plaque quickly, such as sugary snacks.

Dental bonding is simpler and easier than having veneers installed, although the results are not as permanent. However, if you want a cosmetic fix for your teeth without the complete commitment to the procedure which veneers require, you might want to try dental bonding first and see how you like it. Bonding allows you the flexibility of having your very best smile without a lifelong commitment to the process, as your teeth are not damaged in installing the bonding.

Our Los Angeles cosmetic dentist can install your bonding and make your teeth look straight, white, bright, and beautiful without expensive, messy, or invasive dental work.

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