Dental Crowns

Dental CrownsDental crowns are tooth shaped restorations, often called caps, that are placed over teeth to protect them. They may be used over teeth that have been weakened by large fillings, damaged teeth or broken teeth, or they may be used as a support for a bridge or to cover an implant.

Crowns may be made of several materials, but porcelain crowns tend to provide the best match to your natural teeth. Placing the dental crowns may take an average of two visits: one to examine and prepare you for your new crowns and the second to place the porcelain crowns.

During your examination, our Los Angeles dentist will take X-rays and check to ensure your teeth are free of decay and infection. Your teeth will then be prepared for the dental crowns. If your teeth are whole, some of the structure may need to be removed to accommodate the size of the porcelain crowns. If your teeth have been broken or damaged due to decay, our dentist may need to restore them using filling material in order to provide sufficient support for the crowns.

Our dentist will then take impressions to make the crowns and to ensure they fit properly into your mouth. Temporary crowns will be placed to protect your teeth and allow you to get used to the sensation of wearing crowns until your permanent crowns are made. At your second visit, your permanent crowns will be cemented into place.

Crowns can vary widely in cost, but dental insurance often covers a certain percentage of that cost. Your new porcelain crowns can provide you with many years of service if they are properly maintained. Because the teeth beneath the crowns are still at risk of decay if exposed, it is necessary that you practice good oral hygiene habits. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss your teeth carefully, ensuring the area along the dental crowns and gumline is thoroughly cleaned of plaque and food particles.

If you are interested in learning more about crowns and how they can protect damaged, decayed, or fractured teeth, contact our Los Angeles cosmetic dentist today.

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