Causes and Treatments of Tooth Abscess

Causes and Treatments of Tooth AbscessAn abscess is a swollen area beneath or around the tissues bordering a tooth that contain an accumulation of pus. The pus becomes trapped and cannot escape. A tooth abscess is generally the result of a bacterial infection which may be caused by extreme tooth decay, a crack or break in a tooth, food or other fragments that become lodged in the teeth and gums, or gum disease. When someone has a tooth abscess they will feel an incredibly painful throb or sudden shot of pain. Chewing and biting only serve to heighten the agony of an abscessed tooth.
In order to successfully tackle the tooth abscess, our cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles must first address the infection. To do so, the dentist drains the buildup of pus from the infected area. Once the pus is eliminated, the dentist can then focus on the cause of the tooth abscess. Patients will also be put on antibiotics to ensure that the infection is completely eliminated. A dental crown or one or more dental fillings may be needed to fix the cracked, broken or decayed teeth. The most severe cases of a tooth abscess may call for a root canal treatment.

One of the best ways to avert a tooth abscess is by making good oral hygiene a top priority. This includes brushing, flossing and rinsing several times a day and visiting our Los Angeles dentist for a dental exam and dental cleaning twice a year.

Source: Dentist Los Angeles
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