Diabetes and Oral Care

Diabetes and Oral CareDiabetes is a disease that can affect every part of the body, including the mouth. Diabetes increases the incidence of dry mouth, slow healing, gingivitis, and thrush. While high levels of sugar in the saliva of some diabetics can increase the risk of cavities and other oral health problems, good oral hygiene, healthy blood sugar levels, and proper dental care can keep your mouth as healthy as possible.

Oral Hygiene for People with Diabetes

Good dental hygiene, including brushing after every meal with a soft-bristled brush and daily flossing, should be the corner stone of any oral health care routine for someone with diabetes. Dentures should be removed and cleaned with a denture cleaner every day. Dental checkups twice a year are recommended, but our Los Angeles dentist may advise more frequent checkups depending on your health and the stability of your blood sugars. Finally, it is important to try to keep blood sugars as stable as possible not only for the health of your body but also for the health of your mouth.

Dental Care for People with Diabetes 

Certain steps need to be taken to ensure your physical health when you need dental care and you have diabetes. It is important that you provide our dentist in Los Angeles with your A1C levels and a current list of your medications, as well as your endocrinologist’s contact information in case any questions arise. Infections and oral health problems, such as gingivitis or thrush, need to be treated promptly to reduce the risk of secondary health problems. Because diabetes can delay healing, it is important that you follow our dentist's post treatment instructions carefully to avoid complications.

Source: Dentist Los Angeles

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