Eating Disorders and Their Link to Dental Erosion

Eating Disorders and Their Link to Dental ErosionOne of the most heartbreaking side effects of eating disorders is the toll that they take on one’s oral health. Studies continue to be conducted that outline some of the serious medical conditions that individuals are under threat of if they are suffering from eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. This includes severe dental erosion, an oral health complication that is diagnosed in over 1 in 3 patients with some form of an eating disorder.

Those that vomit repeatedly are exposing the entire surface of their teeth to high levels of acid that is produced within their stomach. Over time, this acid can begin to wear away out the outer layers of the teeth. This acid is also going to reduce the amount of saliva that one produces. Saliva is a key factor when it comes to washing away the acids and other substances that can harm the teeth.

Individuals that are struggling with eating disorders and would like to protect their smile during this period should keep a few things in mind. First, it is important to speak at length with our Los Angeles dentist about what is taking place and come up with a treatment plan, such as fluoride products, that can protect the teeth as much as possible. With a thorough dental exam, we will also be able to carefully inspect the teeth and gums for any disease or decay that may have developed.

If you or someone you know is currently suffering from an eating disorder, contact our dental office today to protect your oral health and your smile.

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