Gum Disease Linked to Heart Disease and Stroke

Gum Disease Linked to Heart Disease and StrokeSeveral recent studies have linked gum disease and cardiovascular disease. Those who have the bacteria that cause gum disease or periodontal disease also tend to have thicker carotid arteries, which are strongly linked to both heart attack and stroke.

People suffering from periodontal disease are nearly 2 times as likely to have coronary artery disease as those who have healthier mouths, but gum disease is not the only culprit linked to heart problems: Cavities, missing teeth, and other oral health problems are also good indicators of cardiovascular disease and even high cholesterol levels. In fact, oral health is a remarkably accurate snapshot into a person’s overall heart health.

Although there is a definite correlation between periodontal disease and heart attack and stroke, researchers are not yet able to determine the causation. One theory is that the oral bacteria contribute to arterial plaque, worsening blockages and triggering increased inflammation. Oral bacteria may also affect the heart, contributing to blood clots that may ultimately trigger heart attacks.

While it is always important to lead an active lifestyle including regular exercise and a well-rounded diet to maximize heart health, maintaining the health of your mouth is also a smart way to keep your heart healthy.

If you notice any signs of gum disease like red, swollen, or bleeding gums, it is important for you to talk to our Los Angeles dentist. If you have a pre-existing heart condition, it is also important that you tell our dentist before any dental procedure, as you may need a course of antibiotics before your appointment. As always, brush after every meal and floss daily. One day, it just may save your life. And do not forget your regular dental checkup and cleaning with our Los Angeles cosmetic dentist.


Source: Los Angeles Dentist

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