Healthy Foods for Your Teeth

Healthy Foods for Your TeethWhen most people think about their oral health they consider the hygiene habits that they carry out within their own home and other regular treatments such as professional dental cleaning.  There is one habit that is carried out every single day that will have a very large effect on both the appearance of a patient’s teeth as well as their oral health, and that is eating.  All of the foods and beverages that are consumed can alter the state of both your teeth and gums, that is why everyone should give a little extra thought to their diet if they would like to preserve their smile.

All of the foods and beverages that are ingested will have two distinct interactions with one’s oral health.  The first is the direct contact with the mouth.  Tooth-staining foods, sugars, and acids could slowly attack the outer enamel of the teeth and could result in discoloration, sensitive teeth, or an increased risk of periodontal disease and dental caries.

A patient’s oral health will also be affected by the nutrients within all of the foods that they eat and beverages that they drink. Some of the most essential vitamins and minerals include Calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, protein, Magnesium, and Zinc.  These can be found in foods such as meats, leafy greens, cheese, milk, citrus fruits, and whole cereal.

If you would like to protect the state of your smile as well as your overall health and wellbeing, contact our Los Angeles dentist today for a comprehensive checkup.

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