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Los Angeles Braces DentistIf you have children, you know how important it is to maintain their dental health. Every member of the family, young and old, must practice good oral hygiene to keep teeth and gums healthy. During the course of your children's growing years, they may require braces to straighten crooked teeth or guide teeth that are not growing in properly.  Our Los Angeles braces dentist can take care of your children's dental health needs, including their need for braces.

Your children will be properly fitted for their braces and will be instructed on the best method of cleaning their teeth with braces on. Our Los Angeles braces dentist will also monitor your children's progress with regular visits. Should any discomfort develop during the course of treatment, our dentist will gladly make any necessary adjustments. Our Los Angeles braces dentist will take care of all aspects of your children's treatment with braces and keep track of every new development. When the braces are removed, you and your children will be delighted with the reveal of beautiful, straight teeth.


Have you ever envied someone else's perfectly straight teeth? Well, now you too get that perfectly aligned smile. With the various types of braces offered by our Los Angeles braces dentist, everyone can have straight, beautiful teeth.

Your children may not be the only ones needing braces, though. What if you have crooked teeth and could actually use the help of braces yourself? As an adult though, you really don't enjoy the thought of wearing metal braces on your teeth. Well, our Los Angeles braces dentist can fit you with the Invisalign clear braces system that will straighten your teeth just as effectively as your children's metal braces. The Invisalign course of treatment involves a number of plastic aligners that are worn in two week intervals. Each aligner makes changes in the position of the teeth until the proper alignment has been reached. Because Invisalign aligners are clear and invisible, no one will ever know you are wearing them. Your Los Angeles braces dentist can fit you with your invisible aligners and your children can be fitted with their traditional braces, so that everyone in the family will have perfect, straight teeth.

To see which type of braces are right for you, call our office and make an appointment with our Los Angeles braces dentist.

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