Menopause and How It Affects Your Teeth

Menopause and How It Affects Your TeethAnytime that an individual’s body is going through any major hormonal or physical changes, their gums and teeth are always going to be affected. This is especially true for women that are approaching an age in which menopause is becoming a real possibility. If you would like to maintain great oral health throughout menopause, our Los Angeles dentist is here to provide you with the information and treatments that will allow you to steer clear of any serious complications.

It is often said that a dentist is one of the first individuals to notice that a woman is nearing menopause. During the hormonal fluctuations that precede menopause, there are often telltale signs within the gums including swelling and any amount of abnormal bleeding.

These women are also going to be at a much higher risk of gum disease due to increased amounts of plaque on the gums and teeth. When this plaque is left untreated, it can irritate and inflame the gums and allow small pockets of bacteria to begin to form. In the latest stages gum disease, there is a serious threat of tooth loss that may require advanced treatments such as dental implants or dentures.

The key to maintaining a great smile throughout one’s life is by keeping up with regular checkups to our dental office. We will be able to thoroughly examine your mouth as well as take X-rays in order to catch any serious conditions. Our professional teeth cleaning services are also ideal for removing plaque and lowering one’s chances of gum disease and tooth loss.

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