Oral Health for Men

Oral Health for MenMost men only visit our Los Angeles dentist when they have an oral issue like persistent bad breath, loose or separating teeth, bleeding gums during brushing, and swollen, red or tender gums. These are all signs of periodontal disease, which can put men at a higher risk for strokes and heart attacks, as well as oral cancer. Periodontal treatments, such as dental implants or root canal treatment, may be necessary to ward off these problems or to correct any oral maladies.
Taking medications for the heart, to control blood pressure or to aid with depression often interrupts and inhibits the salivary flow. This, in turn, causes the mouth to be perpetually dry. Since saliva actually helps reduce bacteria that can lead to cavities, it is important to ensure that the proper levels are maintained inside the mouth.

Men who smoke or chew tobacco are putting themselves at a higher risk for oral cancer and gum disease. Early diagnosis and treatment can stop the spread of these diseases. However, when left untreated, oral cancer can lead to other issues including loss of oral function, chronic pain, oral and facial disfigurement, or death.

In order to avoid such oral and cardiovascular issues, men need to pay attention to their dental health. This begins with brushing the teeth at least twice each day and flossing daily. Furthermore, men should visit our cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles at least two times a year for a checkup and cleaning.


Source: Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist
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