Possible Connection between Breast Feeding and Lower Chance of Crossbites

Possible Connection between Breast Feeding and Lower Chance of CrossbitesThe World Health Organization advocates that mothers should breastfeed their children exclusively for the first six months of a child's life. Breastfeeding furnishes benefits for both mothers and their children. Only breastfeeding amplifies craniofacial development. Furthermore, breastfeeding has been demonstrated to deter non-nutritive sucking habits. Research has established that breastfeeding for less than six months or not at all can lead to malocclusion and posterior crossbite.

Our Los Angeles dentist elaborates that crossbites in deciduous teeth starts early in a child's life. Once a posterior crossbite develops, it usually does not self-correct.

A recent study executed by the University of Sao Paulo City examined the breastfeeding experiences of 1,377 children ranging in age from three to six. 16.2 percent of the study displayed posterior crossbite. Incidences of crossbite decreased as the history of breastfeeding increased. Children who were not breastfed demonstrated a 31.1% rate of posterior crossbite, while those breastfed less than six months displayed a crossbite rate of 22.4%. For children breastfed six to twelve months, the rate for crossbite fell to 8.3%. Children who were breasted longer than twelve months demonstrated a rate of only 2.25.

Our Los Angeles Invisalign provider believes that the research done by University of Sao Paulo City presents a very compelling correlation. Breastfeeding exclusively for at least six months can greatly reduce the possibility for posterior crossbite in deciduous teeth. Breastfeeding longer than six months reduces the rate of posterior crossbite even further.

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