Possible Link between Breast Cancer and Gum Disease

Possible Link between Breast Cancer and Gum DiseasePeriodontal disease continues to be linked to serious health conditions throughout the body at an alarming rate.  There is one recent study coming from Karolinska Institute in Sweden, however, that our Los Angeles dentist believes all women should be made aware of.
This research worked with over 3,000 women that were randomly selected from all ages.  These women were given thorough oral inspections over the course of multiple years in conjunction with examinations of the entire body.  Shockingly, the rates of breast cancer were much higher in women with gum disease as well as those missing teeth from this condition.

Gum disease often begins as gingivitis, a swelling and bleeding of the gums due to excess bacteria.  When patients do not seek out periodontal treatment for this condition, their gingivitis may progress to periodontitis.  At this stage, patients may require serious surgeries such as tissue grafting.  Luckily, our dental practice has the treatments and services available to put a halt to these serious oral health conditions.  This includes professional cleaning, one of the most important steps for removing excess plaque and bacteria from the teeth and the rest of the mouth.

Anyone that is beginning to show signs of red gums or excessive bleeding should not take these types of conditions slightly.  On top of breast cancer, patients with periodontal disease report much higher rates of heart disease and even dementia.  This is why our dental practice is here to help you and your loved ones avoid these types of major ailments and keep a smile that is going to be bright and healthy.


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