Preventing Oral Injuries

Preventing Oral InjuriesOral and facial injuries are common in our sports-crazy world. Children commonly appear at our Los Angeles dentist’s office with broken or missing teeth from a baseball gone awry, as well as adults who have been involved in car accidents or other trauma. Rebuilding your teeth is a difficult process; it is far better to use a bit of prevention to avoid oral injuries, if possible.

Injuries requiring restorative dentistry procedures can often be avoided with the use of safety devices, such as mouth guards for sports. Mouth guards are heavy-duty plastic inserts which fit over the teeth during play, and absorb a large amount of the shock associated with a hit to the mouth from a ball, fist, or other object. A mouth guard can mean the difference between saving your teeth and losing them! For drivers and passengers in cars, seat belts should be worn at all times without question if you want to avoid impact damage to your teeth. Most people who suffer oral injuries in car accidents were not wearing safety restraints.

If you do suffer an oral injury, our cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles has a variety of treatments which can help you regain your beautiful smile. For lost teeth, dental implants are a good choice. Implants replace missing teeth with a device which feels and acts like your own tooth, preventing further damage to your jawbone and facial muscles. Dental bridges can be crafted to replace a missing set of teeth, rather than a single tooth. Finally, dental crowns can cover damaged teeth and protect exposed gumline and nerves from future damage.

Source: Cosmetic Dentist Los Angeles
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