Smoking and Root Canals

Smoking and Root CanalsSmoking has been linked to a growing list of medical conditions, including asthma, yellow teeth, and a long list of cancers, but if you needed more incentive to stop smoking you can add one of the most squirm inducing dental procedures to the list -- root canals.

A study released by the American Dental Association in 2006 has shown that men who smoke are nearly twice as likely to need root canals as their nonsmoking peers. This study followed the oral hygiene habits of 811 men for up to 28 years. The participants were evaluated every three years for gum disease, tooth mobility, cavities, restorations, and tartar buildup. The study showed that those who had been smoking for five to twelve years were at the greatest risk of having to undergo the procedure. In total 998 root canals were performed on only 385 of the men.

Elizabeth Krall Kaye, PhD, MPH, and the head of the study, presented their findings in New York, at a media teleconference organized by the American Medical Association and the American Dental Association.

"There is good news from this study for people who do smoke,” Kaye said. “That is that if you quit, your risk of root canal treatment will go down."

The study showed that men who quit smoking for nine or more years reduced their increased risk for root canals down to the same levels as lifelong nonsmokers.

This study only covered men, however, Kaye said that it was likely that smoking affected women the same way, but to a lesser extent because of the tendency of women to smoke less frequently, and for a shorter amount of time than men.

Los Angeles dentist, Dr. Kevin Sands, encourages all patients to maintain their regular oral hygiene and keep up with their routine dental exam and cleaning. If you are experiencing any signs of gum disease, periodontal treatments are available that can restore health to gums and teeth.


Source: Dentist Los Angeles
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