Los Angeles Implant Dentistry

Los Angeles Implant DentistryOur expert in Los Angeles implant dentistry has had extensive training in dental implants and all aspects of this type of dental work. Let him expertly fit you with implants for any missing teeth you may have.

Missing teeth can occur in a number of ways. There may have been an accident that knocked teeth out of the mouth. Also, any type of trauma to a tooth can cause damage that, if extensive enough, could result in the loss of the tooth. Advanced stages of periodontal disease can also cause loss of teeth and bone. If you have any teeth missing and would like to have them replaced, you should consider having our Los Angeles implant dentistry specialist fit you with dental implants to replace your missing teeth. You won't be sorry that you took this step....as your beautiful smile gets restored, any problems stemming from having lost teeth will also be eliminated.


Missing teeth can cause problems in the mouth, such as misalignment of other teeth and injury to the gums. To prevent that, have your missing teeth replaced by dental implants as soon as possible.

Eating and chewing food properly is compromised when you do not have the use of all of your teeth. Speech may also be impaired, especially if any teeth are missing from the front of your mouth. Another disadvantage with missing teeth is experiencing shifting of other teeth because of empty spaces. This shifting can cause alignment problems in existing teeth. There is also the added risk of injury to the gum that is now exposed where the missing tooth used to be.

When you see our expert in Los Angeles implant dentistry he will do a thorough examination, including taking X-rays, to determine exactly what is going on with your teeth. Getting dental implants placed by our Los Angeles implant dentistry specialist means having your chewing and speaking ability completely restored. Your dental implants will become a permanent part of your mouth and will be strong and durable. They will also look perfectly natural, so no one will even know that you have dental implants.

Don't let missing teeth be a problem for you when our Los Angeles implant dentistry specialist can properly fit you with replacement teeth through the use of dental implants.


To consult with our Los Angeles implant dentistry specialist about what to do about your missing teeth call our office


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