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Los Angeles OrthodontistIf you have misaligned teeth, not only is it unattractive, but it can also affect your bite, throwing the jaw out of alignment as well. Our Los Angeles orthodontist can treat you for misalignment problems with your teeth and correct any problems you may have with your bite.

One way for misaligned teeth to be corrected is with Invisalign braces. With Invisalign clear braces, you will experience straight teeth and a proper bite without having to wear traditional metal braces. Our Los Angeles orthodontist will fit you with your Invisalign braces, and within one to two years, you will have a beautiful smile consisting of straight, even teeth. Invisalign braces are a great way for adults to have their teeth straightened, because of the invisibility of the plastic aligners used in the procedure. The entire treatment can take place without anyone knowing that a dental device is even being worn.

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Our Los Angeles orthodontist can also fit traditional metal braces on the teeth of children to fix alignment problems. When traditional metal braces are used on children to straighten out crooked teeth, the results are generally great. Metal braces are strong and durable and not as apt to break. This works out well for youngsters, who sometimes can be a little rough when handling devices. Metal braces are the tried and true method of putting teeth back into proper alignment. Our dentist will instruct the young ones on the best way to brush and care for their teeth while the braces are being worn.

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Whether you are an adult opting for Invisalign treatment or are having traditional metal braces fitted on your child's teeth, our Los Angeles orthodontist will do a proper fitting and closely monitor all progress being made. After treatment, there will be a complete transformation within the mouth. Teeth will be straight and even, and the bite will be perfectly normal. Beautiful smiles are a top priority with our Los Angeles orthodontist.

Do you want straight, even teeth and a much more beautiful smile? Our orthodontists can fix any misalignment with the teeth and make your smile the most beautiful it can be.

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